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What we do

ImmersiveHub is a breeding ground and community for everyone interested in Virtual- and Augmented Reality in the Øresund region. We build commercial experiences, organize events and conferences, help independent developers promote their work and connect with like-minded. Most importantly, we offer a place for companies and individuals to try out VR and AR for free.

What we offer


We have a fully equipped VR/AR lab waiting for you. Try Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR or HoloLens for free and get guidance on how to build your own experience.


Looking for a partner to build your VR/AR application? We have the knowledge and competence to guide you through the process. We do everything from 3D modeling and textures to scripting and deployment.


With AR/VR being a novelty for most people, finding your way through the maze of new hardware and software sailing up on the horizon, can be a challenging task. Finding a solid and well founded business plan can be even harder.


Every month or so, a group of novices, enthusiasts and mavericks gather to exchange idea, present ongoing work and hang out. Discussions are often hands-on and somewhat technical. Join us, it’s free.


On November 29, 2018 you’re welcome to our virtual- and augmented reality conference. Hosted at Jayway, Malmö. 8 sessions, two workshops, and lots of space for meeting new people. See vrconf.se


The best way to learn AR and VR is though expert led, full day, workshops where content is customized to fit your needs. No matter if you need to lay down a new business model or learn the inner workings of Unity, we have something for you.

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Meet other developers, designers, and enthusiasts

Product Development

ImmersiveHub offers a wide selection of experts, ranging from graphical artists and designers to developers and project mangers. We’re the perfect partner to your next VR or AR project.
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Need guidance, education, inspiration or just have an urge to know more about VR and AR? This is a network for you. We meet 6 times a year to discuss common problems and solution, showcase our products, and get inspired by invited speakers.
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Virtual Reality Workshop

Full day workshop focusing on the business value of AR and VR. We will answer the questions: How can your company benefit from this new technology? What do you need in terms of resources and planning? What’s the next step for you?

Augmented Reality Workshop

Full day workshop deep diving into the realm of augmented reality. Depending on your preferences, we use ARKit or ARCore combined with Unity to create a working experience.

Unity/3D Modelling Workshop

Full day workshop guiding you though the tools needed to start creating immersive experiences. We go though the basics like: setting up a scene, lighting, physics, scripting and much more.

Virtual Reality Conference

November 29, Malmö  www.vrconf.se

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Talking about VR and AR is one thing, being in the center of a fully immersive experience is a completely different thing. ImmersiveHub is offering a chance to try it our for yourself in our facilities with a seasoned instructor. Book a slot in our lab, it’s free.

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