About Us

ImmersiveHub is a breeding ground and community for everyone interested in Virtual- and Augmented Reality in the Øresund region. We build commercial experiences, organise events and conferences, help independent developers promote their work and connect with like-minded. Most importantly, we offer a place for companies and individuals to try out VR and AR for free.

Our Vision

It’s simple. In a few years AR and VR will play a key role in our lives and we want to make sure that the Øresund region becomes a leader in the field. We support students, independent developers and companies to succeed.


Jayway founded the hub in 2017 but we do not see ourselves as the owners of the hub, instead we invite others to participate by joining our network or promote their work though our site. In the end this is a community effort.

ImmersiveHub was founded by Jayway in 2017.